Journeying Through the Modern Application Landscape

Welcome to what we've come to know as the digital revolution - an era that arguably began as early as 1959. In today's digitally transformed world, we're spoilt for choice, but this plethora of options can often complicate decision-making. It demands a careful rationalisation and weighing up of alternatives before settling on an optimal choice.

One such domain where this challenge becomes particularly tangible is application management. As the timeline progresses, the sheer volume of developed apps expands ceaselessly. While some inevitably become deprecated, a substantial number continue to persevere or evolve further. Navigating the management landscape offers an array of options ranging from native delivery services incorporated into centralised platforms like Microsoft 365, to other solutions that require additional investment.

Further complexity arises with respect to delivery formats. While some are native and free, others incur charges, often leading to what's termed as 'vendor lock-in.' Understandably, customers may feel frustrated at continually paying for a resource they perceive as already owning. Consequently, a vendor or software solution must present a persuasive rationale to coax users out of their comfort zones and away from native services.

In this session, we will delve deep into Microsoft's native packaging formats, application delivery methodologies, and the myriad solutions available in today's market that could help address your business challenges and achieve the desired internal goals.

We will explore a range of pertinent content relating to Azure Virtual Desktop, Intune, Windows 365 (also known as Cloud PC), Winget, and other third-party products. This session promises to be a journey of discovery and understanding in the dynamic realm of modern application management.

Ryan Mangan

Cloud and EUC Technologist, Author, Technical Blogger

York, United Kingdom


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