The Impact of not selecting the right Azure VM Size for Windows Virtual Desktop

Do you have complaints that your session hosts are sluggish, and users are struggling to carry out common tasks? This session dives into the details of the different types of Azure Size as well as the pros and cons. The Session will also cover real-life examples and the selection of the best VM Sizes to use with Windows Virtual Desktop.

In this session, you will learn:

• The different types of VM size, CPU and general features.
• We will discuss options to turbocharge your WVD environment.
• A demo of a User experience test between two different Azure sizes.

At the end of this session, be able to summarise the benefits of user experience testing and be able to select an appropriate VM type/size for your WVD environment.

Ryan Mangan

Cloud and EUC Technologist, Author, Technical Blogger

York, United Kingdom


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