Ryan Rousseau

Deploying multi-tenant applications with Octopus Deploy

Do you have a multi-tenant application and are having trouble managing versions and deployment schedules between your customers? Let's solve that problem with Octopus Deploy!

We'll walk through how Octopus Deploy makes multi-tenant deployments a first class feature, how to set up a common deployment process for all customers, how to add in customizations for certain customers, and some other uses for Octopus tenants.

Ryan Rousseau

Solution Architect - Octopus Deploy

I work with some of Octopus Deploy's largest customers to make sure they are successful with their automated deployments.

Before that, I was a developer and Octopus Deploy user myself. I've been on the adventure of moving from manual builds and deployments to continuous integration and automated deployments.

I'm a developer at heart. I will talk your ear off about continuous integration and delivery. Besides programming, I'm an amateur comedian and professional cat enthusiast.

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