Ryan Rousseau

From zero to automated deployments in less than an hour

Is deploying your application to production a chore? What about deploying to development or test environments? Does your process involve a multi-page Word doc and you're not sure if all of those steps are up to date? This is the session for you.

We'll take an existing application and configure automated builds that run on commit, automated deployments to a test environment, and gated deployments to a production environment with Octopus Deploy.

Ryan Rousseau

Solution Architect - Octopus Deploy

I work with some of Octopus Deploy's largest customers to make sure they are successful with their automated deployments.

Before that, I was a developer and Octopus Deploy user myself. I've been on the adventure of moving from manual builds and deployments to continuous integration and automated deployments.

I'm a developer at heart. I will talk your ear off about continuous integration and delivery. Besides programming, I'm an amateur comedian and professional cat enthusiast.

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