Kotlin/Multiplatform for iOS developers : state & future.

Kotlin/Multiplatform is very often seen by iOS developers as an additional pain point, rather than a productivity tool.
Let's go beyond the front line and try to understand this point of view. What can we do to ease their journey to using KMP, and facilitate their integration to our Kotlin/Multiplatform project?
We will explore the entire pipeline of integrating a KMP core into an iOS project: tooling, coding, building, deploying, integrating, and using. We will discuss the current limitations that KMP imposes on each step, and try to understand their consequences on the quality of life of an iOS developper.
Finally, we will show some tools and practices to alleviate these constraints & create a shared narrative with all platform developers, as well as discuss what's in the future of KMP for iOS.

Salomon Brys

Kodein Koders

Paris, France


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