Let's compose this presentation!

Compose Multiplatform allows you to create apps with UIs that run on a variety of platform. Its base pattern can be summarised as "for each state you define, there is a UI you can describe". If the state is {Slide,Step}, then this app can very easily describe a presentation. In this live-coding session, we will create on stage the presentation we will present!
We will start from a few simple slides with Compose for Desktop and then add more and more features to the presentation as we dive into Compose concepts (screen adaptation, animations, pre-loading, optimisations, quick navigation, etc.).
Each new slide will build on what we created for the previous one, until we have created a full declarative presentation, and a presentation to declare it!
As a presentation is always better when the audience can access it, we will then port it to the Web with Compose WASM.

Salomon Brys

Kodein Koders

Paris, France


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