Quick start native mobile Kotlin/Multiplatform setup

Kotlin/Multiplatform is a complicated piece of tech! Because it chose to integrate inside native development tools & workflows, setting up a clean and shareable project can be complicated. Here's everything you need to set up a production ready architecture.
In this talk, we will explain how to architecture your code for a multi-platform mobile application, how to efficiently share business & behaviour code between your native apps, and how to configure each project (Common, Android & iOS) to link them to the business library.
We’ll discuss various patterns that we can use to standardise communication between the frontend (the UI) and the backend (the business logic) to ensure that the behaviour of our application remains strictly equivalent no matter the actual platform.
We’ll also show how to automatically test your common code, and how to deploy the various produced artifacts when working with application specific teams.

Salomon Brys

Kodein Koders

Paris, France


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