Attack of the killer bots! An introduction to Bot Framework Composer

Having chatbots handling the first user interaction is very common in many sites nowadays and their usage is only expected to increase in the next few years. From a development perspective, chatbot development presents a unique set of challenges that can result in a steep learning curve for new developers. With chatbots delivering large ROI for companies and creating disruptions in multiple sectors they offer a great opportunity for developers to bring added value to an organization.
In this presentation, we will explore how Microsoft’s Bot Framework Composer aims to tackle some of the development challenges while creating a more collaborative environment. We will look at how developing with Composer compares with developing a chatbot without a UI, how language understanding is integrated into the environment and what a basic chatbot looks like. If you’ve been considering a chatbot development project I hope this session will make the process appear less daunting and if not, maybe this will inspire you to look for opportunities to use them.

Samuel Gomez

Tech Lead at Geneca

Columbus, Ohio, United States

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