Automated resource deployment with Bicep and Terraform

This hands-on workshop provides a day of training per tool that teaches you how to work with Bicep and Terraform. Each day will start by introducing each of the tools and the key components that are necessary to understand when working with automated deployments and infrastructure as code.

During the first part of the workshop, you'll learn about:
- Creating files
- Deploying resources (a simple storage account) to a single resource group using the command line
- Parameters
- Variables
- Modules
- Outputs
- Orchestration of multiple deployment files for a subscription-level deployment from the command line
- How to create Azure Service Principals and set the correct permissions to authorize a third-party solution like GitHub to deploy to your subscription
- Automating your first orchestrated pipeline to your Azure subscription using GitHub actions

As the day progresses, you'll learn how to:
- Create specific Azure resources to deploy a robust web application with App Service, Key Vault, Application Insights, Log Analytics, and SQL Server
- Leverage prior modules to get the output from a previous deployment to configure settings like Key Vault Secrets on the App Service configuration page

You'll then see how to set the CI/CD pipeline to deploy the application code.

The day finishes up with a final look at moving your shared secrets into Azure App Configuration with a couple of small changes to the pipeline and the application code.

Samuel Gomez

Microsoft MVP and Client Partner at Geneca

Columbus, Ohio, United States


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