Build your own AI sidekick with Azure AI and .NET

Are you a budding super hero or super villain* but you feel like you're lacking that AI companion to help you reach that next level? Have you ever wanted to see what AI can do to help your daily life? Do you have an interesting application that would just be so much better with a little artificial intelligence? Don't fear, because of course there's a PreCompiler for that.

In this half-day workshop we'll take a starter C# application and progressively expand it by adding speech, vision, language, and decision-making capabilities with Azure AI services, plus a healthy sprinkling of large language models and OpenAI.

By the time we're done, you'll have a better understanding of what AI can do and see how easy it is to integrate it into your applications. You'll also be that much closer to super hero / super villain* status with a modular personal AI companion of your very own to continue extending after CodeMash is over.

* CodeMash does not endorse acts of villainy including but not limited to taking over the world and/or the Kalahari.

Samuel Gomez

Microsoft MVP and Tech Lead at Geneca

Columbus, Ohio, United States

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