James Samuel

Build a Powerful Recommendation Engine Using Image Recognition Technology

Images provide a richer set of information when building a search query for certain categories like fashion and furniture

According to Gartner's reports, brands with websites that support voice and visual search are expected to increase their digital commerce revenue by 30 percent by 2021.

In this session, I will show you how to build a visual search platform using AWS Rekognition, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, and other managed AWS services in 72 hours for a ridiculous amount of $$$ per month.

This talk is rated level 200-300 with a target audience of engineers, architects, and developers and assumed you have some knowledge of Amazon web services.

James Samuel

Architrave Gmbh

Samuel is a software engineer at Architrave GMBH. He has six years of experience building large applications with a focus on PHP, Node, and AWS. In his spare time, Samuel enjoys watching superhero movies and playing ping pong.

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