Experience the basics of Azure IoT, dashboarding … and beyond

Internet of Things (IoT) is hot and happening. Many companies benefit from their machine data by optimizing their processes with remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.

,,But I don't know anything about IoT. How should I start? How do I get value from incoming raw telemetry?''

The best way to learn it is to experience it!

Within this half-day workshop, you'll follow the scenario in which a remote coffee machine is connected to Azure for monitoring and management of issues. You can monitor device telemetry such as water temperature and water level, observe the state of your machine, set the optimal temperature, and send commands. Next to that, you learn how to query the data using KQL and use that for building simple but effective dashboards.

With this introduction, you will get an idea of the basic IoT principles by hands-on experience with a simulated device, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Data Explorer and Visual Studio Code. So, bring your laptop and prepare yourself for future IoT related cases and telemetry exploration within your organization.

You will turn your laptop into a coffeemaker. Check out the prerequisites at

Sander van de Velde

Ask me about Azure IoT, Ask me how to add value

Helmond, The Netherlands


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