Fancy some secure device toppings on your cloud-enabled vanilla MQTT broker?

While IoT is maturing, Microsoft is expanding its Azure IoT proposition in multiple directions.

On popular demand, one of the most popular IoT protocols is not offered as a cloud service. This vanilla MQTT broker comes with extra options to make it more secure.

In this presentation, the new Azure Event Grid namespace supporting MQTT will be demonstrated and compared to the trusted IoT Hub.

We will build a solution with device-to-device communication between actual industrial devices.

Learn why this new 'IoT Grid' offers new advantages for your IoT solution and where the pitfalls are.

Learn how services fit in your architecture and provide insights and value using real-time analytics.

This is a presentation filled with live demos where actual industrial hardware will be connected to the cloud

Attendees learn how the Azure services both honor vanilla MQTT and offer more elaborate services on top of it.

Sander van de Velde

Ask me about Azure IoT, Ask me how to add value

Helmond, The Netherlands

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