From cradle to grave, secure Zero-touch Azure IoT Edge

Life is strange for IoT devices. They are 'born' in the outside world all alone, or they are on the move, or they are located in places which are hazardous, not easy to access, and nobody is there to nurture them.
But still, they have to execute logic locally and make intelligent decisions on their own using eg. ML.
Luckily, Azure IoT Edge comes to the rescue Zero-touch provisioning and deployment.
In this session, attendees learn how Azure IoT Edge is brought to life successfully for intelligence on the edge and how Azure provisioning services help unattended provisioning.
Attendees learn how easy it is to start making their IoT solutions production ready.
Sander will give several demonstrations using Industry grade hardware and some common sense.

IoT Edge introduction presentation with actual industrial devices on stage. Wifi/4g is covered by my demo set in Europe (part of the demo 'factory in a box'). Session is done in The Netherlands, Moldavia, Romania, Iceland, etc.

Sander van de Velde

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Helmond, Netherlands

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