How to build an Azure IoT Edge connected Beerlift

Microsoft offers a wide range of IoT solutions. With Azure IoT Edge, it brings zero-touch provisioning and deployment of logic to your local network. Combined with a secure cloud connection, it's is a powerful combination so let’s do something fun with that!

In this session, you learn about what Azure IoT Edge can offer to you, what the benefits are, how it works, and what you need to get started.

To make it more visual, Azure IoT Edge is demonstrated using an internet connected beerlift. A demonstration shows which hardware is needed and how it interacts using the cloud to serve you the right beer.

The beerlift is can only be shown live during presentation in The Netherlands. Though online, everybody can see how fun it is to build a contraption like this.

Sander van de Velde

Ask me about Azure IoT, Ask me how to add value

Helmond, Netherlands

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