Sarbbottam Bandyopadhyay

Information & Communications Technology

Accessibility CSS JavaScript

Cupertino, California, United States

Love thy keyboard

Keyboard accessibility is extremely critical, as many assistive devices emulate the keyboard. Using semantic HTML one can achieve accessible UI with less code than non-semantic markup. Along with Semantic HTML, by managing and guiding focus, developing an accessible UI is not difficult, rather easy. Semantic HTML plays an important role in Accessibility as well as SEO. Though we are aware of it, it's often overlooked. This presentation will share the trade-offs of using semantic vs non-semantic markup with an everyday example and how to manage and guide focus. It's a brief presentation emphasizing the various aspect of keyboard accessibility. Last but not the least a brief introduction to WAI-ARIA.

Sarbbottam Bandyopadhyay

LinkedIn, UI/UX

Sarbbottam is a frontend engineer at LinkedIn focusing on UI/UX for Sales Navigator, LinkedIn's Sales Solution. He has previously worked at Yahoo and contracted for several global companies not limiting to Experian, nPower, British Telecom. He has been developing web applications since 2006, using Java, PHP, NodeJS. He is proficient with modern web technologies and frameworks.

Sarbbottam joined Linkedin as a member of the LinkedIn's core accessibility team, focusing primarily on web accessibility. He has been passionate about digital accessibility since his Yahoo days and firmly believes that an accessible user interface is a better user interface. He often blogs, primarily about web accessibility at

When he is not wearing his technical hat, he enjoys painting with watercolor, flying his Mavic Pro, driving around with family, hiking, playing with his 7 years old daughter.

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