Sean Bugler

Government, Social Sector & Education

Information & Communications Technology

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San Francisco, California, United States

“1 Unique viewer” - My SharePoint Comeback Story and How You Can Build Yours

You play the cards you’re dealt. Where do you pivot when SharePoint fails to leave the ground? How do you pitch a platform everyone thinks they already know? Join us as we discuss the tricks (and challenges) to winning over company hearts and minds, including the all-too-real story of how we turned SharePoint around in my own government agency.

In this session we’ll:
* Share best practices when building a “low-contribution” intranet.
* Discuss tips and tricks to move fast and iterate using data insights and site usage.
* Explore strategies to encourage engagement without harassing users.

Sean Bugler

Cloud Architect, Technical Trainer, and Collaboration Evangelist

Sean is a Cloud Architect with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, a government agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Previously a technical trainer, Sean has worked with startups, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies alike to build, optimize, and re-imagine what collaboration and productivity look like. You can find him on Twitter @sbglr.

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