An Engineer's Guide To Negotiating Salary, Benefits and Raises

Learning to negotiate how much one will charge for their labor may be one of the most important life skills that can developed. This presentation is an overview of how to accomplish this. If you stop to consider that for every $10 more per hour a contractor is able to get from a recruiter / employer will translate into another $20,000’ish more per year to their salary. It is also important to understand that every salary can have an additive effect over the lifetime of an engineer's total career earnings. This presentation was originally called “Stop Getting Fu@ked By Technical Recruiters” when I first started giving it to my new contractors 6 years ago and it also happens to be the title of my new book.

This session is for anyone who wants to lean how to better negotiate their salary, benefits or raise. You are up against professional negotiators who do this every day and you may do this 6 times in your whole career.