Sebastiano Poggi

Information & Communications Technology

Kotlin Android Software Engineering Continuous Integration Static Analysis UI/UX Design Backend

Vicenza, Veneto, Italy

Let the IDE do that for you

Android developers are very lucky: there is a world-class IDE, Android Studio, that we can use to write our apps. Compared to what's available on other platforms, we're absolutely spoiled. And yet, most folks only scratch the surface of what the IDE can do for us. There's a gazillion features, plugins, and tricks that make life much easier, just waiting to be discovered.

With our faithful companion, the Find Action tool, we'll explore what lies beneath the surface and learn many cool tricks in this live-coded session (what could possibly go wrong?) to save time and avoid repetitive tasks, improve pairing, and our code. You'll walk away with a bag of tips to improve your productivity and with the mindset to exploit all the features of IntelliJ-based IDEs such as Android Studio.

Sebastiano Poggi

Software Engineer at JetBrains; GDE for Android, Flutter and Identity

Emerging from the foggy plains of northern Italy 🇮🇹 after working at a smartwatch startup, Sebastiano moved with his curls to London 🇬🇧 💂 to do great things at AKQA and then Novoda. In the meantime, he's become a Google Developer Expert and a frequent speaker at conferences. Nowadays he's working remotely for JetBrains and is in Italy once again 🇮🇹. He really wishes he had more time to write technical articles on his blog, but he's live coding on Twitch in the meantime on (company)

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