What about a desktop app?

As Android devs, folks generally don’t do desktop development. They might do some scripting, but as soon as you need a user interface and want to use Kotlin in your desktop app, things get quite desperate. Swing is an old tech that’s impervious to newcomers and full of gotchas; JavaFx and TornadoFX aren’t much better; and using frameworks like Qt from Kotlin is going to take a toll on your mental wellbeing.

Or at least, this used to be the case!

We’ll see how, with Compose for Desktop, you can take much of your existing UI skill set from Jetpack Compose and apply it to create tools that run on desktop computers. There are some gotchas and some differences to be aware of, and this talk will cover them pointing out what is and isn’t there yet in Compose for Desktop.

Sebastiano Poggi

UX Engineer at Google working on Android Developer UX

Vicenza, Italy


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