Blackmirror - Creating your digital twin

Starting from a set of sentences describing your personality, thoughts, hobbies, and personal info we will create a digital copy of you to interact with.

The combined architecture of a vanilla version of GPT models and specialized DL models will allow you to perform varied tasks in a cost-effective approach

Moreover, we will create a DL model capable of profiling users in real-time, based on the ongoing conversation with our Digital Twins. The Digital Twins are responsible for acquiring key info that will be extracted by conditioning the flow of the conversation in order to allow you to make important marketing decisions.

There will be a quick demonstration showing you how to utilize this solution to profile live conversations between "humans", or even a youtube video.

Microsoft Azure, as well huggingface, will speed up the whole process

Sebastiano Galazzo

Artificial intelligence researcher and proud dad

Milan, Italy

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