Deep dive on creating a photorealistic talking avatar

Creating a photorealistic avatar speaking any sentence starting from a written input text.

Focusing on autoencoders, we will do a journey from the beginning (Of the speaker experience), mistakes and tips learned along the path.
Will be showcased:

- Intro, the timeline from beginning to nowadays
- Is NOT a deepfake
- Audio processing techniques: STFT (Short Term Fourier Transform), MELs and custom solutions
- Deeplearning models and architecture
- The technique, inspired to inpaiting, used to animate the mouth
- Masks and convolution
- Landmarks extraction
- Morphing animation technique based on autoencoders features
- Microsoft Azure Speech services used to support audio and animation processing
- Putting all together!AvcsRrhl_mWp-r8WWjc4edmWzZ5tqQ?e=DRHaFK

Sebastiano Galazzo

Artificial intelligence researcher and proud dad

Milan, Italy

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