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From Infrastructure as Code to Environment as Code: Challenges scaling IaC and how to resolve them

Infrastructure as Code(IaC) has made managing infrastructure easier in a lot of ways, but there are many challenges that companies accept as the cost of adopting IaC especially when scaling. IaC is good at provisioning individual resources (or a few of them together) but engineering teams want an entire environment with various components like networking, platform (ec2/eks), database, s3 buckets, etc. to deploy and operate their applications.

To provision and tear down an entire environment, these teams have two options. They can either hand roll pipelines to manage individual resources and then manage complex dependencies between these resources within those pipelines or create a monolith IaC for the entire environment. These approaches are inefficient and slow down feature development and innovation. They also make replicating, visualizing & understanding environments difficult. What if there were a better way?

This talk digs into these challenges to try to better understand them and then look at how to resolve them. We will introduce Environment as Code (abstraction over IaC) that enables teams to provision & teardown entire Environments in an efficient way and promotes best practices like loosely coupled infrastructure resources.

**Key Takeaways:**

* Challenges scaling Infrastructure as Code
* What is Environment as Code?
* How Environment as Code can help resolve those challenges?

Challenges part of this talk is based on the this article:

Adarsh Shah

Founder & CEO at CompuZest

Adarsh Shah is the Founder & CEO of CompuZest. He is an Engineering Leader, Coach, Public Speaker, Hands-on Architect & a Change Agent. He is also an organizer for Devopsdays NYC conference & devopsnyc meetup. Adarsh has a keen interest in building systems that add business value. These days, he is excited about working with Machine Learning and Cloud-Native technologies. You can reach him on twitter at @shahadarsh.

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