Deploying Cloud infrastructure using a developer centric approach

When it comes to deploying infrastructure, especially in the cloud, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is generally considered a good practice, to create these infrastructure as code templates you have a variety of choices, ranging from the native Cloud provider templating language(s) to a variety of 3rd party options.

This session will compare the common options for creating and deploying Cloud infrastructure, we'll discuss the pros and cons of these approaches before focusing on one of the 3rd party options - Pulumi.

Pulumi allows us to use popular modern programming languages to create our infrastructure, this can be a huge benefit if you want to support more complex deployments or simply want to empower your development teams to manage their own infrastructure.

We'll cover a range of topics including:
- How to provision resources
- Where and why Pulumi can be more powerful than the other options
- Discuss drawbacks and limitations.

Although the session will focus on using Azure and .NET anyone provisioning resources using current tooling would find this session useful as the principles broadly apply across the board.

Shahid Iqbal

Principal Platform Architect - Auror, Microsoft MVP

Auckland, New Zealand


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