Shahid Iqbal

Information & Communications Technology

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London, England, United Kingdom

Hands on with Kubernetes

In this hands on workshop we'll cover the important fundamentals of Kubernetes before diving into practical hands-on examples.
We'll start off by setting up a cluster and start by deploying some straight forward applications to the cluster before moving onto more advanced topics.
Tasks will include:
Deploying applications
Scaling applications
Adding resiliency
Monitoriing applications
Performing rolling updates
And more advance topics such as security, service meshes and quality of service.
At the end of the workshop attendees will have had hands on experience with Kubernetes and be well positioned to go away and start working with Kubernetes with their own applications.

Requires good internet connection.
Candidates will be required to bring laptops with pre-requisites installed.
Sessions can be customised to last between 1 & 2 days.
Candidates may require their own subscription to Azure (although this may be provided subject to confirmation)

Shahid Iqbal

Independent Azure consultant, Microsoft MVP

Shahid is an independent consultant and Microsoft MVP based in the UK and operating across the globe (before covid-19!).
With over a decade of experience in .NET he works with companies to help migrate their existing applications and processes to the Cloud and Azure in particular.
He is a passionate proponent of Cloud Native approaches and employing technologies such as Azure and Kubernetes to solve modern development problems.

Shahid is also frequent speaker at both international conferences and local meetups, runs workshops on Cloud Native technologies, and is a co-organizer of a .NET meetup in the UK (Milton Keynes .NET).

When he's not working he's likely to be talking about cars, photography or gadgets.

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