Siddharth Shanbhogue

Continuously AWS - An AWS CI Deep Dive

Continuously AWS - Enriching your Continuous Experience with the AWS CI ecosystem.

The AWS Service plane of today is not just a set of cloud-centric solutions. It is a full-circle group of core solutions that provide cloud capabilities, surrounded by an outer ring of related applications and solutions that cater to every need of an organizational prime mover - from Developers to SysOps admins.

When it comes to CI/CD, AWS provides a bunch of tools that are designed with other AWS services and solutions in mind. AWS has a full set of Amazon-managed developer tools and DevOps tools that can be leveraged instead of third-party tools such as CircleCI, Jenkins, or others.

This talk explores the Developer, CI and DevOps tools that AWS provides today. We start off with a full-fledged online IDE and take the journey through the process of writing, building and deploying code into AWS services - all the time looking at the differences and advantages you gain by using them.

As part of this talk, we intend to demonstrate methods we have used to deploy applications to AWS cloud using DevOps tools and solutions from AWS. These apps range from simple automation jobs to complex react based projects where CI and CD are of key importance.

Who is this for?
This talk focuses on the functionality and tools available for IP development and deployment teams that are planning to move their apps/Solutions to AWS. This is a talk for people who are interested in learning about the CI ecosystem that AWS has built. Developers using CI tools to build and deploy their code to AWS, or planning to do so in the near future should also attend this talk.

Siddharth Shanbhogue

Associate Lead Software Engineer

I am an associate lead software engineer with SSE's Cloud Services Engineering division. My primary line of work revolves around AWS, Python and web development. I've been with Cerner for over 6 years now.

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