Developers and Testers: The Yin and Yang of Software Development

Before us, our heroes: Developer and Tester - locked in a gruesome battle for the ages.
Both desire the ultimate goal of high-quality, well-functioning software.
Why do they wage this war against one another?
Will one reign supreme??
Will they meet their release timeline???
Tune in as part of the audience to hear the epic conclusion!

This is a common story in software development. At least, that's what some people say. To that sentiment, we say it doesn't have to be like this.
There are opportunities for each role to shine, and capacity to consider the risks that concern both parties.

Through personal stories from both the good and the ugly, we will share small experiments with you that you can take back to your team.
With a little mindful communication, a sprinkle of grace, and a healthy helping of transparency, you can initiate the change you want to see on your team, to encourage more effective collaboration.

Together Karen (tester) and Stacy (developer) will tell stories where things went wrong, as well as examples where things went smothly
They'll talk about how to improve the collaboration between the 2 roles
And also give concrete ideas for attendees to implement when they return to their teams

Stacy Cashmore

Tech Explorer DevOps, Omniplan, Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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