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Real Case Scenario Implementation - Build your own Office 365 PDF Generator with Microsoft Flow , Po

Office 365 is indeed a powerful cloud-based collaboration platform with ready to use productive services. Driven by the Azure ever-expanding set of cloud services we can easily meet business challenges with the current stack of tools provided. There are enough available Office 365 apps and connectors to fill in the gaps where sometimes the platform can’t do just with out of the box features, but…
Did you know about the hidden gems inside the Office 365 Service? There are services out there that we can easily tweak without spending that extra money on buying an external connector to do the job. Plus if we need to change something, the knowledge is already inside your IT Department and they easily can tweakchange whenever it is needed.
In this session learn how to build your own Office 365 PDF Generator leveraging Azure Functions, PowerShell, Microsoft Flow, and some hidden Azure Media Services gems beneath Office 365, allowing to easily create PDF files based in files and list items.
This is an actual real case scenario implementation solution currently deployed on well know multi-national companies.

Rodrigo Pinto

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With 20 years of experience in Software Engineering & Architecture, Rodrigo Pinto is a Enterprise Architect, SharePoint MVP, Specialist & Evangelist at Storm Technology . Responsible for the Modern Workplace area, he tends to use innovation in creating new solutions and development strategies. Speaker since 2009, he delivers regular sessions at Microsoft Events: Techdays, RoadtoSharePoint, Lightup SharePoint, Microsoft RoadShow, SharePoint Connections, SP24, European SharePoint Conference, CollabSummit, Microsoft TechRefresh, MVP ShowCase, SQL Saturday, Azure Boot Camps, User Group Meetings and online events. He started the SharePoint Portuguese User Group and loves the idea By and For the Community

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