Azure networking for developers and pizza lovers!

Snapback Pizzas is a hipster pizzeria with increasing sales and a huge fan base both locally and worldwide. The business i growing and on their website you can do everything from order delicious pizzas to buy merch or their world famous tomato sause. With the growing success the business is getting a target for attackers and their web application needs to be secured using private networking.

In this session we will look at some networking skills that all Azure developers should have in their toolbox. We will cover some basic networking and walkthrough how Snapback Pizzas can secure their application using features like private endpoints, VNet integration, App Service Environments, NAT Gateways, Azure Front Door and more. After this session you will feel more comfortable picking the correct networking feature to solve your challenges.

Stefan Ivemo

Technical Architect | Microsoft MVP Azure

Västerås, Sweden

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