Stefan Koell

Building a "Serverless Cloud Native App"

We are reinventing the wheel! Join us and see how we are rebuilding our twitter quote app we showed two years ago using Azure Functions, Event Grid and CosmosDB.

Stefan Koell

Creator of Royal TS

Stefan Koell has been working in the IT business since 1995 and founded - an IT consulting and software development company in 1999. Stefan has extensive IT infrastructure and software development experience including enterprise directory services, messaging, web services, systems management, virtualization, .NET development and PowerShell scripting.

In the last couple of years, Stefan specialized in the Microsoft System Center field (mostly monitoring and service management) and received his first Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award in 2010.

Stefan is also the author of Royal TS which allows you to manage remote connections (e.g. RDP, SSH, etc.) on Windows, OS X and mobile platforms.

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