Stefan Riedel

Information & Communications Technology

Powerapps Microsoft Flow Office 365 Cognitive services Power Apps Microsoft Power Automate Microsoft Power platform

Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany

Organize Power Meetings with Power Apps and Power Automate

One of the most stupid and boring tasks is to write down meeting minutes and to get them approved

I demonstrate how to build a meeting manager that can be integrated in Teams - powered by PowerApps, Flow, a bit of SharePoint Online and a couple of awesome connectors.
You will see how to plan the meeting topics and how to take the minutes during the meeting.
The minutes can be previewed in the PDF Viewer Component before saving them to SharePoint.
After saving, all attendees will receive an adaptive card in their personal teams chat to review and approve the document.
Additionally, all meeting attendees may submit comments that will be added to the current document.

In this session you will learn:
-how to import PowerApps into Teams
-how to use the outlook connectors
-how to create a pdf and preview it in the PDF Viewer Component and how to save it to SharePoint
-how to create adaptive cards (in a preview environment) in the future, and how to send it to the user chat in Teams and to wait for the user response

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