Bring your data to the age of better visualization! Its age of SVG in Power BI

Although Power BI offers several native visuals, their capabilities are usually very limited. For this reason, many users are running away from native visuals to custom visuals. On the other hand, these may be prohibited entirely in many companies or limited to only certified ones.

Let's take advantage of it together to make your own SVG charts and bring them to life using native visuals. A life that will show your data in precisely the form you see fit! The form will convey what is needed. The way you have everything under your control!

As part of this training, we will produce different types of SVG together and then dynamically generate them using the DAX language so that we can use the data from the datasets to the fullest. In addition to classic sparklines, we will also focus on creating full-fledged KPI cards and entire visuals.

Štěpán Rešl

Data Platform MVP | Managing partner & Lead technical consultant at DataBrothers

Prague, Czechia


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