Stephen Carter

Information & Communications Technology

Agriculture, Food & Forestry

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Lightning Talks

Sharing: What's in it for me!? - Glenn Sarti

Sharing. It’s one of the four pillars of CAMS. We consume so much shared content but have we ever thought about sharing from the point of view of the Sharer? Why should I share? If I’m constantly sharing information what do I get out of it? What’s in it for me!?
This lightning talk looks at sharing through the eyes of a Sharer. What benefits do they receive out of sharing? What cultural or psychological benefits are there?


You can teach an old dog new tricks - Stephen Carter

Working in Information Technology and getting older brings it's challenges, but doesn't mean you have to be a technical archaeologist digging through sediments of Cobol or Fortran. In this session, Stephen will share stories of how he turned his career from traditional development, to one of working with cutting edge technologies and how to stay relevant in the fast-paced world of information technology.


Estimates - how long is a piece of string... - Klee Thomas

Estimates are difficult for all parties involved. Too many missed deadlines have caused business’ to mistrust them. Being told that estimates are too high and to come back with a lower number only to have the estimate treated as a commitment, or being held to estimates done months before by other developers only to have no idea what considerations went into crafting the estimate has lead to development teams dreading them. This is symptomatic of a breakdown in communication that leaves an aftertaste of resentment in the mouths of both parties.

For some the answer has been to throw out estimates out the window. This doesn’t address the lack of collaboration between the teams and stakeholders and leaves developers out of discussions about what is achievable by their team.

This talk will show how development teams can leverage the trivariate estimation technique to provide more accurate estimates and facilitate meaningful communication with business stakeholders, project and developer managers. This meaningful conversation can lead to lower estimates and development costs without cutting features or quality.

Serverless: Myths & Legends - Fabien Ruffin

When serverless first came about, it was bound to be the solution to all our problems. Never would we have to worry about those pesky servers, deal with setup, maintenance, scaling and capacity planning. All Code, No Ops. We should "serverless" all the things!!!

Or should we?

In this talk I will debunk all the myths and legends about serverless, on a journey to find out what serverless is really good for and where it should be avoided.

Stephen Carter

Greenleaf Enterprises Director of Technology and Virtual Realist

Stephen is the Director of Technology with Greenleaf Enterprises, a Brisbane-based consultancy specialising in global food networks.

Stephen has a diverse background in technical consulting, business, rail, insurance, utilities and emergency services managing the end-to-end delivery of technology projects.

Stephen started his IT career in the late 80’s developing insurance applications in Pascal and has since ridden the crest of numerous technological tsunamis, from the birth of the internet in the early 90’s, through to the introduction of mobile phones and mobile internet.

A coder by day and kite-boarder/ Taekwondo practitioner/squash player/mountain biker/bass player/wannabe chef in his spare time.

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