The Only 3 Questions You Need

Want to be a great manager and an even better Leader? Let me help you on your path by simplifying everything into the Only 3 Questions You Need. Learning these questions and more importantly understanding how and when to apply them will advance your career. Then you can start leveraging the 3 questions for other parts of your life. The sky's the limit!

Inspired by Google Maps, learn the only three questions you should every ask to know what you should do. Stop wondering about the feasibility of things before the VALUABILITY of them. The questions apply to product, tech, processes, leadership and YOUR life! These questions are even more key to focus on as a leader and you’ll see why how you choose to answer them will enable you to empower a team of missionaries instead of mercenaries.

Session outline: 1- Understanding The 3 Questions and their value. 2- The 3 Questions for Products. 3- The 3 Questions for Leadership. 4- The 3 Questions for Life.

Tami Reiss

Focus on your Strengths to Advance toward your goals

Miami, Florida, United States

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