Merab Tato Kutalia

Information & Communications Technology

android Software Development

Tbilisi, T'bilisi, Georgia

Mobile Teams (Should) Move Fast

This talk highlights the processes that mobile teams need to have if they want to ship apps faster. How to sustain a high cadence of rollouts and yet stay productive as a team member. Working with a large codebase requires correct tooling and discipline which some teams lack. From lint tools to CI to security measures and to developer happiness this talk highlights the main aspects of them. How individual contributors can remove bottlenecks, how to analyze errors, forming shared code style, work with git hooks, tuning IDE, and creating a working framework for the teams.

target audience: from beginner to intermediate.
duration: 30-40 minutes

Merab Tato Kutalia

GDE for Android |GDG Tbilisi Organizer

Software Engineer with 8 years of experience, specializing in Android. An active contributor to AndroidX libraries. He is a fan of all things in software engineering. Out of work, Merab maintains an active podcast about work ethics and career growth and writes tech blogs. He is a GDG organizer and speaker at international conferences (DroidCon, DevFest, OWASP) and beyond. Community builder. Does 1:1 mentoring. Alongside his technological pursuits, he is an amateur cyclist and runner.

references: - droidcon APAC 2020 - DevFest Tbilisi/Vienna/Yerevan 2019 - Nullcon 2021 - Software Development Webinar 2020 - OWASP Tbilisi 2020

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