Building amazing Front-End Project with Gemma: A State-of-the-Art Open Model

In this talk, we'll delve into the exciting world of Gemma, a groundbreaking family of open-source AI models by Google. We'll explore how you can leverage Gemma's capabilities to build innovative front-end projects.
Key takeaway:
• Unveiling Gemma: Understand the core functionalities and architectures of these lightweight, state-of-the-art models
• Benefits and Use Cases: Discover the advantages of using Gemma, including its open-source nature, versatility across tasks, and efficiency
• Implementation in Front-End Projects: explore practical methods for integrating Gemma into your front-end applications, unlocking new possibilities for user interaction and functionality
• Gemma vs. Gemini: shed light on the connection between Gemma and its predecessor, the powerful Gemini model, and explore the distinct characteristics of each model, including size, performance, and optimal use cases.

Join this session to:
• Gain a comprehensive understanding of Gemma open models
• Discover how to leverage Gemma's potential in your front-end projects
• Make informed decisions about choosing between Gemma and Gemini for your specific needs
• This talk is ideal for front-end enthusiasts eager to explore the cutting edge of AI and its applications in user-facing experiences

This talk dives into Google's open-source Gemma models, showing you how to integrate them into your front-end projects.
• Learn about Gemma's capabilities and benefits
• Discover how to use Gemma
• Understand the difference between Gemma and its big brother, Gemini

Teresa wu

VP Engineer at J.P. Morgan, GDE Flutter/Dart

London, United Kingdom


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