Google Gemini 101: Unleashing the Power of AI in Your Front-End Projects

Harness the Potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) with Google Gemini! This session provides a comprehensive introduction to Gemini, a powerful AI model from Google. We'll explore how you, as a front-end developer, can leverage its capabilities to build next-generation user interfaces.

Understand Gemini:
• LLMs & Artificial Intelligence (AI): Gain a foundational understanding of Large Language Models and their role within the broader field of Artificial Intelligence.
• Machine Learning (ML) Fundamentals: We'll break down the key concepts of Machine Learning, including training data, model architectures like transformers, and the training and tuning process.

Building with Gemini:
• The Power of Gemini: Discover the capabilities of Gemini, focusing on its ability to generate text, translate languages, and answer your questions in an informative way.
• Unlocking Gemini's Potential: Explore practical methods for integrating Gemini's functionalities into your front-end applications.

Join this session to:
• Gain a solid understanding of Large Language Models and Google Gemini.
• Discover how to use open model to build innovative front-end experiences.
• Explore practical implementation techniques for integrating Gemini into your projects.

This talk explores Google Gemini, a powerful AI model. Learn the basics of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Machine Learning (ML). Discover how Gemini uses transformers for tasks like text generation and translation. See how to integrate open-source AI like Gemini into your front-end projects for innovative features.

Teresa wu

VP Engineer at J.P. Morgan, GDE Flutter/Dart

London, United Kingdom


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