Tess Ferrandez-Norlander

Infuse AI into your apps with Cognitive Services

You know that feeling… when Facebook automatically figures out that this is a photo of you and your friend. Or when Outlook understands that you are trying to set up a meeting with your boss just from an email. Or when Pinterest pops up with images that look like the one you just pinned.
You can do that too! You can create User Interfaces that make your customers go WOW!

In this session we’ll look at some cognitive services that you can use right now, and see how they can spice up your applications.
The powers of AI are just a REST API away.

Tess Ferrandez-Norlander


Tess is a developer/data scientist working at Microsoft. Over the past 20 years she has changed the way we do .net debugging, developed a large number of mobile apps. As of a couple of years ago she moved into the world of data science and machine learning working with a lot of the largest companies in Europe and beyond on really tough ML problems.

She has has spoken at lots and lots of conferences around the world on a wide variety of topics including deep .net debugging, UX, web development and Machine Learning. You can also find her on twitter at @TessFerrandez

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