Thijs Limmen

Thijs Limmen

AI-powered dev | Front-end enthusiast | DevOps | Azure

Haarlem, The Netherlands


Thijs is a passionate DevOps engineer and front-end development enthusiast, with a unique edge as an AI-powered developer. As an AI-powered developer, Thijs integrates cutting-edge AI tools into his development process. This allows him to improve code quality, boost productivity, and be any profession, ensuring that his projects stay ahead of the curve.

With over 10 years of experience in a broad range of technologies, Thijs primarily builds native apps and websites using all modern JavaScript frameworks, Blazor, and Flutter. He has a guilty pleasure for CSS and enjoys working closely with UX designers. In addition, Thijs is also very experienced as a .NET back-end developer, building event-driven architectures.

Thijs is a strong advocate for applying DevOps practices at customers' projects, focusing on team autonomy as one of the most important aspects. He enables teams to deploy their own cloud resources through Infrastructure as Code and their services through CI/CD. Thijs has also implemented an observability strategy to provide effective 24/7 support.

"You build it, you run it, you own it."

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • GenAI
  • AI
  • Github Copilot
  • DevOps
  • Azure
  • Azure Data & AI
  • chatgpt
  • Mobile Apps

Solo Devs' AI Odyssey: From Code to Calm

In an era where technology and mindfulness intersect, the power of AI is reshaping how we approach app development. This session delves into the fascinating world of utilising artificial intelligence to expedite and streamline the development process of a mobile meditation app. We'll explore how Azure AI Speech, DALL-E, Azure OpenAI, and GitHub Copilot converge to eliminate the need for visual designers, voice actors, and sound designers, thereby revolutionising the traditional development workflow.

Attendees will journey through the creation of a self-guided meditation app, learning how different AI technologies can be harnessed to rapidly prototype and even produce market-ready mobile applications. Highlighting two projects – one that generates daily meditation content for YouTube, and another transforming this concept into a mobile app akin to leading meditation platforms – this session is both an inspirational and technical deep dive into the practicalities and possibilities of AI in app development.

Join us for a session that not only enlightens but also inspires, demonstrating how a single developer can leverage AI to not just iterate faster, but to also imaginatively redefine the boundaries of what's possible in app development. Prepare to be provoked, and above all, propelled into a future where your development skills are augmented by the limitless potential of AI.

Achieve 10x Productivity: Becoming an AI-Powered Developer

This session will showcase three personal projects, each demonstrating the practical and innovative use of AI in software development. We'll explore an AI-assisted project in building an Escape Room, leveraging Generative AI. Next, we'll dive into the creation of mind-blowing visuals and content, notably applied to this presentation! Finally, I'll unveil an AI-powered meditation app, illustrating the seamless integration of AI in app development.

Attendees will walk away with actionable insights, including:

- Utilizing AI code assistants for enhanced coding efficiency.
- Creating awesome visuals and sound.
- Integrating AI in your project or app.
- Staying updated and inspired on Generative AI topics and fostering a culture of innovation by sharing knowledge about AI in your organization.
- Adopting a mindset shift towards the use of AI instead of traditional ways of doing things.

Whether you're an AI skeptic or enthusiast, a beginner, or an experienced developer, you'll discover how AI can not only streamline your workflow but also expand the horizons of what you can achieve.

Is ChatGPT a Better Software Engineer Than Me?

In this session, we will explore the capabilities of ChatGPT as a software engineer, including its ability to write code, debug, and troubleshoot issues. We will also discuss the limitations and challenges of using AI in software engineering and consider the implications for the future of the field.

We explore how to become a better developer using AI, touching on the mindset shift from traditional search engines to leveraging ChatGPT. We also discuss the importance of prompt building for effective communication with ChatGPT.

We present various IDE integrated AI tools to assist with coding, writing commits and more. Additionally, we introduce image generation tools like Midjourney and Dall-E for inspiring UI, icon, and artwork design, as well as AI applications for blogging, documentation, and tutorials.

Whether you are a software engineer yourself or simply interested in the role of AI in technology, this session will provide insights and thought-provoking discussions on the intersection of AI and software engineering.

GitHub Copilot Beyond the Basics - 10 Ways to Elevate Your Coding

This presentation takes you on a flight beyond the basics of GitHub Copilot, showcasing 10 advanced and unique use-cases that will elevate your coding. Empower yourself with the countless possibilities offered by using GitHub Copilot. Delve into the ever-evolving world of AI in coding, and learn to adapt and thrive in this dynamic landscape.

Attendees will gain invaluable insights into leveraging Copilot for a broad variety of tasks. Each use-case will be accompanied by real-world examples, demonstrating how Copilot can be a game-changer in both routine and complex coding scenarios. Moreover, this session goes beyond technicalities. It also emphasizes the creative and innovative aspects of using GitHub Copilot, inspiring you to think differently about code.

Join me for a session that elevates you to the boundaries of AI-assisted coding. Get ready for take-off and embark on a journey where your development capabilities are significantly empowered by the advanced features of GitHub Copilot.

This session is tailored for developers who are new to GitHub Copilot or familiar with the basics of GitHub Copilot and are looking to deepen their understanding and application of this tool. It's ideal for those who wish to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of software development by harnessing the latest AI technologies. Attendees are expected to have a basic understanding of coding principles and a keen interest in AI's role in software development. Note that this presentation will include live demonstrations and interactive discussions, encouraging a collaborative learning experience. By the end of this session, participants will be equipped with practical skills and unique strategies to enhance their coding using GitHub Copilot.

Techorama 2024 Netherlands Sessionize Event Upcoming

October 2024 Utrecht, The Netherlands

NDC Oslo 2024 Sessionize Event

June 2024 Oslo, Norway

AI Community Day Sessionize Event

May 2024 Utrecht, The Netherlands

Future Tech 2024 Sessionize Event

April 2024 Utrecht, The Netherlands

devCampNoord 2024 Sessionize Event

April 2024 Groningen, The Netherlands

Azure AI Winter Jam

An event about AI development on the Microsoft in our Xpirit office in Hilversum. A follow-up event after the Azure AI Summer Jam

I presented on the topic: "Achieve 10x Productivity: Becoming an AI-Powered Developer"

January 2024 Hilversum, The Netherlands

GitHub Copilot Webinar

Xpirit | Xebia Webinar about GitHub Copilot

November 2023 Hilversum, The Netherlands

Go Data Fest

A four day event organized by Xebia. I had to opportunity to talk about my journey to achieve 10x productity and becoming an AI-Powered developer.

October 2023 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Azure AI Summer Jam

An event about AI development on the Microsoft in our Xpirit office in Hilversum. 100 people attended the event.

I presented on the topic: "Is ChatGPT a better developer than me?"

July 2023 Hilversum, The Netherlands

Techorama 2023 Belgium Sessionize Event

May 2023 Antwerpen, Belgium

devCampNoord Sessionize Event

April 2023 Groningen, The Netherlands

Future Tech 2023 Sessionize Event

March 2023 Utrecht, The Netherlands

Thijs Limmen

AI-powered dev | Front-end enthusiast | DevOps | Azure

Haarlem, The Netherlands


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