Perfectionism, Impostor Syndrome, Anxiety and Learning to be Kind to Yourself

Ever felt like everyone knows more than you? Spent hours procrastinating rather than starting or finishing a project?

Perfectionism, anxiety & impostor syndrome affect many people in the tech industry. Learn how to spot harmful thought patterns, how to avoid anxious spirals and be kind to yourself!

Working in the tech industry can sometimes make us feel inferior. It is easy to start believing that everyone knows more, or finds the work easier. When we’re surrounded by so many clever people, how can we not start to judge ourselves against them and our work against theirs?

Impostor syndrome - the belief that you don’t deserve to be where you are, and perfectionism - a need to work to impossibly high standards, are exhausting.

Learn how to spot these destructive thought patterns in yourself, how to manage anxiety and procrastination and how to start being kinder to yourself, because you’re awesome and you deserve to be here.

I’ve suffered from all of the above-mentioned syndromes for the majority of my tech career and I mentor many individuals who suffer similarly. Through therapy and research, I have learnt to recognize black and white thinking and depression spirals and I think it is important to share this knowledge wider and start us talking more regularly about mental wellbeing in tech.

Jo Franchetti

DevRel at Deno

London, United Kingdom

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