Mob Programming: Learn Together. Deliver Together!

Mob Programming is a way of truly collaborating for whole teams. But - why should we care? We are a team already, aren't we? Well ... Our aim with software development is to deliver the most important feature quickly and in good quality to our customers. Reality looks different, though: Individual workload is maximized, the developers work on too many tasks at the same time. Half-baked features annoy our customers. Developers are fixing bugs around the clock, there's just no time for feature development.

Some years ago, the idea arose of having the entire team carry out software development - together, task by task. "Mob Programming" was born. Blockages during development disappear because all the necessary specialists are in the same room. And if that room is a virtual one, this practice becomes Remote Mob Programming - quite important these days for distributed teams or when working from home.

In this talk I'll show the basics of (remote) mob programming. We'll discuss when working as a "mob" pays off. And I will offer insights and good practices from almost four years of programming "mob style" (and coaching it to various teams in all kinds of companies).

Thomas Much

Technical Agile Coach. Tech. People. Together.

Hamburg, Germany


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