If the Royals can do it, you can do it

In our modern society being sick is something that is frowned upon in the workplace. We have to function and cannot show weakness. That is especially true for men. We hardly ever talk about illnesses and even less about chronic illnesses. It is deeply ingrained into us that we might be seen as incapable, treated with pity but not respect, and even might lose jobs.
This year February I was diagnosed with cancer.
I had two options: Pretend nothing was wrong until it could no longer be hidden or deal openly with the diagnosis, as the form of cancer I have is incurable and now part of my life.
I have chosen the latter, and with this talk, I want to encourage, raise awareness, and speak out in favour of an inclusive approach for all those who face a severe illness, either directly or in their environment.
My journey living with this diagnosis is a very personal one but full of valuable insights that I would like to share.

Thomas Stensitzki

MVP, MCT, Author, Blogger - Granikos GmbH & Co. KG

Düsseldorf, Germany


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