Navigating AI in the Workplace: Addressing Fears and Strategies

We encounter the topic of AI everywhere, whether ChatGPT, Copilot for XYZ, or other offerings from the major software providers. Microsoft, in particular, is overwhelming us with its various Copilot offerings for every conceivable target group.
The speed at which these innovations come at us creates a sense of powerlessness or even fear. This feeling affects administrators and end users alike. The changes are coming with greater force than the introduction of cloud solutions themselves.

In this panel discussion, we talk about the fears and feelings that we encounter at work and, in the worst case, can harm our private lives. And what options are open to us to deal with them?

Thomas Stensitzki

MVP, MCT, Author, Blogger - Granikos GmbH & Co. KG

Düsseldorf, Germany


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