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Real Use Cases For PowerShell On Linux That Aren't Stupid

PowerShell is on Linux now, but can you think of any reasons to care? Have you seen nothing but weak lists of contrived examples of using PowerShell on Linux? Don’t worry, there are some real, solid use cases for using PowerShell on Linux, that aren’t stupid, and I want to share them with you.

Linux has had a billion different shells forever now. Why did Microsoft go and throw their own on the pile? Linux has been getting along just fine without PowerShell this whole time. What changed and made PowerShell useful on Linux? I’ll show you some great examples.

Thomas Rayner 👨‍💻

Sr Security Service Engineer @ Microsoft

Thomas Rayner is a Senior Security Service Engineer at Microsoft with many years of experience in IT. He is a master technologist, specializing in DevOps, systems and process automation, public, private and hybrid cloud, security and .NET coding. Thomas is a former 4x Microsoft MVP, Honorary Scripting Guy, an international speaker, best-selling author, and instructor covering a vast array of IT topics.

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