Tim Zöller

Information & Communications Technology

java bpmn

Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Getting back in the ring! Comparing Eclipse Microprofile to Spring Boot

After many years of arguments debating the differences between Spring and JEE, it seemed that the Spring Framework finally came out on top. With the rise of cloud environments and microservices, application servers had nothing to offer against Spring Boot.
In 2016, the Eclipse foundation presented a new contender: MicroProfile. This approach for Cloud-Native Java, based on the proven Java EE technology, was advanced with an ambitious roadmap to catch up on Spring Boot. Time for a closer look: How do both compare? We are exploring similarities and differences in development, configuration, and operations and take a look at how well the MicroProfile project prepared enterprise Java for the cloud.

Tim Zöller

IT consultant @ ilum:e informatik ag

Tim is an IT-Consultant for ilum:e informatik ag. He helps his clients to digitalize their manual business processes with Java and is a co-founder of the Java Usergroup Mainz. In his free time, he accumulates new side projects with Java and Clojure and sometimes even finishes one of them.

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