Tim Zöller

Information & Communications Technology

java bpmn

Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Patterns for Flyway migrations

Flyway has become one of the most common tools for database migrations in the last years. It enables developers to update their database schemas upon deployment in a safe, predictable and reproducible way, and without any manual steps. This is especially helpful in Microservice environments with frequent automated deployments.

While using Flyway in the last years, we identified recurring patterns in our migration scripts, which we used for similar use cases again and again. We also discovered some pitfalls which broke our environments a couple of times - mainly because we did not have all consequences of our changes in mind.

In this session, I will present the patterns I consider most helpful, talk about errors we made and how you can avoid making them, too.

Tim Zöller

IT consultant @ ilum:e informatik ag

Tim is an IT-Consultant for ilum:e informatik ag. He helps his clients to digitalize their manual business processes with Java and is a co-founder of the Java Usergroup Mainz. In his free time, he accumulates new side projects with Java and Clojure and sometimes even finishes one of them.

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