How to Implement ${BUZZWORD}

Ensuring you stay relevant in this fast paced industry means you need to adopt fast and implement ${BUZZWORD}. You’ve been told that this is the new technology everyone is using, everyone is talking about it, and it's of vital importance that your company uses it no matter the cost. This will ensure that you keep trendy, you’re the company everyone wants to work with/for and you have the latest and greatest product.

In this session I’ll be looking, with a slightly cynical view, at how companies, managers, and developers look at moving trends and how they are implemented. I’ll attempt to persuade you that you really don’t need to implement and focus on ${BUZZWORD}s to move forward, but instead there can be a more impactful alternative. One that does not involve a focus on any technology or ${BUZZWORD}s, but instead a culture and business mindset.

Timothy Mamo

Platform Specialist

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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