Above and beyond - When BC is not enough

Business Central certainly is a great solution, with a lot of flexibility and extendability. But at the same time, it has its limits and also, while you can do some things in BC, it actually is better to do them somewhere else. In this sessionm we want to tackle three aspects of that:

- You want to compute something where BC isn't ideal, maybe because you would like to use a third-party library or AL isn't a great fit for the problem. We will show how Azure Functions can be created, deployed and maintained to make that work
- You want to integrate with other solutions in the Microsoft world or with other Business Central tenants. We will show how Dataverse can be used to solve that type of problem
- You want to move data out of Business Central, e.g. because you intend to keep your database lean or need to use advanced analytics. We will show how an Azure Data Lake can help with those challenges

After this session, you will have an idea about the solutions those products offer in connection with Business Central, where they can help you and you will also see how to use them

Tobias Fenster

Managing Director at 4PS Germany, Microsoft RD & dual Microsoft MVP, Docker Captain

Ulm, Germany


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