Real life scenarios and best practices for using NAV on Docker

In this session you will see demos and implementation details of real life scenarios and best practices for using NAV/BC on Docker. The scenarios covered are:
- Self-service with containers: How to provide containers to developers and product managers through an easy to use web interface
- Multi-container environments: In some cases you need to run mutiple containers at once and you will see how this can easily be accomplished with Docker compose
- Automated extension 2.0 builds: Build your 2.0 extension using a CI/CD pipeline can greatly benefit from Docker containers including multi-stage images
- Using Azure Container Instances: If you just want to run a NAV/BC container without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure, Azure Container Instances are the solution

Tobias Fenster

Managing Director at 4PS Germany, Microsoft RD & dual Microsoft MVP, Docker Captain

Ulm, Germany


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