Azure Cosmos DB & Business Central

Azure Cosmos DB is a modern NoSQL database with open-source APIs. It allows you to store any data in JSON format (manually or using the API) and easily access them from other applications. Together with Azure Functions, which can help with CosmosDB integration, it provides an excellent way for data integration and synchronization between different applications.
How can we benefit from the Cosmos DB? It’s easy to use for things such as the configuration of your other extensions (for example licensing or some advanced configuration) or data synchronization of any entity in the Business Central across multiple environments or even applications.
In this session, we will look at the configuration of Azure Cosmos DB, how to set everything we need to, what the API looks like, and some other essential things that are good to know before you start with it.
Later we will quickly look at how to load data from our newly configured CosmosDB to Business Central. This session is not focused on programming, but frankly, it's good to know some basics about data manipulation using APIs, even for non-programmers.

35-45 minutes, primarily for solution architects, but with some parts useful for consultants (CosmosDB configuration) as well as programmers (how to connect from AL)

Tomas Kapitan

D365BC Solution Architect

Prague, Czechia

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